Monday, 28 May 2018

Quoting Colette Guillaumin

"Race does not exist. But it does kill people. It also continues to provide the backbone of some ferocious systems of domination. (...) Not in the shameful margins of our society, but behind the honourable mask of 'opinion' and 'ideas'. (...)
No, race does not exist. And yet it does. Not in the way that people think; but it remains the most tangible, real and brutal of realities."
Colette Guillaumin, 1995

Colette Guillaumain (1934-2017) was a French sociologist and feminist.

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- Guillaumain, C. (1995). Racism, Sexism, Power and Ideology. London: Routledge
- photograph via (Marching children frame a state police sharpshooter. Maria Varela. Near Jackson, Mississippi, 1966)


  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I discovered the photographer only now. Varela's civil rights photography is amazing.
    Many thanks for commenting, Abbie and Wim!