Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fiat in 1966: The second best shape in Italy, no German thrift to spoil the picture

How would you like to get away from it all with the Second Best Shape in Italy? A Little? A Whole Lot? The Most! (Check one. Don't cheat)
If you checked "The Most,", Congratulations! You're a natural born Fiat man. A man who knows a beautiful thing when he sees it - and what to do with it. A man loaded with red blood cells that glow brighter when adventure's in the wind. The Fiat 1500 Spider with five forward speed transmission is adventure on wheels, bumper-to-bumper excitement that makes everything fun. You checked only "A Little?" Cheer up. Spin the Spider around the block and check with us again. Always have at least one Fiat!

At $1237 what could cut a prettier figure than the Second Best Shape in Italy?
Any way you figure it, the beautiful buy is Fiat. Designed and crafted with an eye for the artistic, a hand for precision - and this 600D two-door sedan for economy plus. Because Italians regard their cars almost as highly as their women, they create Fiat with no hint of the economy showing. This means you get the shape, the finish, the performance and all the "extras" at this incredibly small cost. Drive the 600D today and marvel at the way this fabuloso production shapes up. Always have a least one Fiat.

The Second Best Shape in Italy at the coolest little figure in its class - $2585. That's all the money you part with for all this car, the Fiat 1500 Spider. Styled by Pininfarina, the romantic web it spins is captivating America. It's dynamic outside and a dynamo inside - a perfect expression of Italy's fabled creative energy and inspired art. Lean into a curve with Fiat's curves and know what it's like to drive this five forward-speed sportsman's dream. And to help you keep it humming, there are 425 parts-and-service centers in the U.S.A. This new five-speed Spider is waiting for you at your Fiat dealer. So what are you waiting for? Always have at least one Fiat.

The second best shape in Italy at the hottest little price in the USA. You've seen the first, in films. Now see the Fiat, in person. Fiat is the hot one. The Italians did it the way they do most things. With style. With flair. With flourish. And there's no Germanic thrift showing. This Fiat sport comes with all the extras at not a penny extra. Bucket seats, power brakes, leatherette upholstery, heater, defroster, tachometer, dual electric wipers, safety belt anchors, bumper guards, self-cancelling turn signals, help-lights and tool kit. And speaking of figures, you can't even come close  to a shape like this at a price so trim and appealing. At $2639, it's the lowest-priced sports car in its class. Every family should have at least one Fiat.

Introducing a New Car & a quick question: Is the Second Best Shape in Italy quite proper for a Family Man?
Answer: depends on the man - and the family. If you're lucky enough to have a built-in flair for style and a family to match, the new Fiat 1100 R four door sedan is right down your freeway. There's that fabulous Italian shape. The immediate responsiveness. the sweet, even disposition. And no German thrift to spoil the picture. Though it's only $1564, it comes to you with all the "extras" at no extra cost, including front wheel disc brakes, safety steering column and four-on-the-floor shift. If you're extra enough to appreciate it, see the 1100 R at your Fiat dealer's today. And always have at leat one Fiat.

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