Tuesday 20 October 2020

World Osteoporosis Day

Since osteoporosis still has the image of being a so-called women's health issue, it is often overlooked in men and becomes an unrecognised and untreated condition leading to higher mortality and morbidity rates in men (Rao, Budhwar & Ashfaque, 2010).

- Rao, S. S., Budhwar, N. & Ashfaque, A. (2010). Osteoporosis in Men. American Family Physician, 82(5), 503-508.
- photograph by the amazing Vivian Maier via


  1. OMG, this photo, the story, the details.

  2. Even if otherwise healthy like a young god, it often is deadly for elderlies, when breaking a leg because of osteoporosis., Stephan