Friday, 15 July 2016

We're the Superhumans

Channel 4 has done it again: a most impressive contribution to inclusion. Four years ago the British broadcaster covered the Paralympic Games very extensively, was lauded and won the Bafta award. And this year: "Channel 4 is proud to present this three-minute trailer: We're the Superhumans. BSL and Subtitled, and Audio Described versions are also available on the episode page." (MORE)

“All of us who were lucky enough to be involved four years ago felt it was the most amazing experience of our careers. It was a wondrous thing, 2012, so the idea of doing it again was an enormous amount of ecstasy for us, but then a tiny smidgen of agony that we’d have to make it better than last time.”
Dan Brooke

“As a self-funded public service broadcaster, we’ve got a remit here to try and change society’s attitudes and lead by example. The dictionary definition for ‘disabled’ is very negative and limiting. We wanted to change that and turn it into an extraordinary thing.”
Dan Brooke


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    1. Absolutely! I had a lot of exclamation marks in my head the first time I saw it ;-) It's brilliant.

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    1. I really like the Channel-4-sense-of-humour. Apart from the message, of course.

  3. Love this!!!!!

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    1. It absolutely is. I'm really looking forward to the Paralympics.