Monday, 27 April 2015

Wil Can Fly

"When we brought Wil home from the hospital 17 months ago we were'nt quite sure what the future would hold for our family. Not soon after having him home we all started to recognize that Wil had a light about him that changed our perspectives on many things. Im happy that I was inspired enough to capture some small glimpses from the beginning of our journey down a new road." (via)

William "Wil" Lawrence is a little superhero with Down's Syndrome and the ability to fly. A while ago, his father, Alan Lawrence, started taking pictures of him showing him in situations in which little Wil seems to be flying.

When Alan Lawrence first learned about his son having Down's Syndrome, his attitude was different:“It felt as though he would put limits on what I would accomplish, what my family would accomplish." (via)
“While looking into his eyes everything started to go into a dream state <…>My emotions of joy paused as everything around me seemed to slow down. The nurse may of been talking to me but I wasn’t listening." (via)

Alan Lawrence was wrong. And he started his series "to show the world that having a child with Down's Syndrome can be a blessing." (via)

"Wil has always wanted to fly ever since he learned to roll on his stomach." (via)

"He likes to throw his arms behind his back and wiggle his feet and my family and I have always joked that he will one day take off." (via) Wil's crawling style made him look as if he were preparing for flight: "It's just an ongoing joke in the family that one day he is going to take off and fly." (via)

"So being a photographer I decided to make that a reality." (via)

"I took Wil outside and did a composite photo of me holding him up and then photoshopped me out of the picture." (via)

"We realise Wil is still young, but we know that even though he has Down Syndrome it doesn't mean he is limited. He will be able to do anything he puts his mind to."  (via)

“He is just like any other kid his age it just takes a little longer for him to reach some of those average mile stones. We know as a family that he will be able to do anything he puts his mind to. Wil Can Fly.” (via)

"I want other parents just starting out this journey ... to have a more positive outlook on it than I did." (via)

"This project is a way for us to show how much our son has blessed our family." (via)

"He's not a burden, he hasn't limited us. He's opened the door to so many new things, to new experiences." (via)

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