Monday, 22 December 2014

Quoting Virna Lisi

"È arrivata l'età delle rughe? Pazienza. Le rughe rappresentano il passato di ciascuno, e fanno parte della vita."
Virna Lisi

"The age of wrinkles has arrived? Never mind, wrinkles represent every individual's past and are part of life."
Virna Lisi

Virna  Lisa Pieralisi, born on 8 November 1936, was a theatre and cinema actress who made career in Italy and later in Hollywood. She starred with Totò, Anna Magnani, Alain Delon, Anthony Quinn, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra, William Holden ... She became tired of her "Italian Marilyn" image, left Hollywood and continued her success as a character actress in Europe. Virna Lisi refused a couple of offers such as playing Barbarella - which Jane Fonda accepted. She passed away on 18 December 2014 (via).

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