Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Life of Leisure

"I chose to cast people over the age of 60 for a fashion shoot because they are more interesting to me than young, skinny models."
Alex de Mora

"I was inspired by the character I saw when taking personal photos of my Grandmother, and I thought why not transform this into an fashion editorial, so I pitched the idea to Vice Magazine."
Alex de Mora

"I had been wanting to shoot a “leisurewear” series for a while, and wanted to give a hip hop angle to the idea. I thought of Snoop Dogg going shopping in his velour tracksuit. The shoot itself took place in my studio in London and we decided to color match the background, clothes and set for each shot, to give it a surreal, stylized tone."
Alex de Mora

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  1. Super, Laura!!!!!!!!

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    1. Danke, Florian!
      Thank you, Derek and @ your last question: No, not really my house, i.e., only during my holidays in Brittany :-)