Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sunday Music

"We had our group that we all moved with, so there was always some sense of safety. But there was always that thing, you know, of someone out there ready to bash your head in if you stepped out of line. Going back to where we were with Massive Attack and the Wild Bunch, it was always a mixed-race thing, so we were always going into circumstances where it could go either way. Either he could get beaten up for being in the wrong place because he’s in a Jamaican club with me, or I could get beaten up for being a black bloke in a punk club. So we were always treading water in that respect."
Grantley Evan Marshall, Massive Attack

Massive Attack's reaction to Brexit:
"As sons of immigrants, we are both very disappointed with the situation. 
We can't allow ourselves to fall victim to the populist bulls--- going on at the moment. 
We can't let the bigots and racists back into this situation. It's bulls---."
Robert Del Naja, Massive Attack

Sunday music link pack:

::: Unfinished Sympathy: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Ritual Spirit: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Protection: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Live With Me: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Karmacoma: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Splitting the Atom: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Risingson: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Atlas Air: LISTEN/WATCH

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photographs of Massive Attack in Lebanon where they dedicated a gig to the children of Gaza via and via