Monday, 8 April 2019

The Future of Women Astronauts Seen from 1962

"When I was about 13, I wrote to NASA and asked what I needed to do to try to be an astronaut. And of course, there weren't any women astronauts and NASA wrote me back and said there would not be any women astronauts. And I was just crestfallen."
Hillary Clinton

In February 1962, long before Women@NASA, a woman  from Connecticut applied at NASA and received the following reply (via):

Dear Miss Kelly:
This is in response to your letter of February 20, 1962.
Your offer to go on a space mission is commendable and we are very grateful.
This is to advise that we have no existing program concerning women astronauts nor do we contemplate any such plan.
We appreciate your interest and support of the nations's space program.
O.B. Lloyd, Jr.
Public Information

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selfie of Buzz Aldrin in 1966 on the Gemini 12 mission via


  1. Do you know Fritz Lang's "Woman In The Moon" from 1929?

    1. Actually I don't, I only saw a few scenes in a documentary ages ago. Seems a good idea to watch it; thanks, Kenneth!