Saturday, 8 August 2020

Inge Morath + Her Male Pseudonym

 "A bold and determined woman, she managed to establish herself in a then male-dominated filed, and even had to sell her first shots to a number of publishers under the male pseudonym Egni Tharom. The first woman to ever join the renowned Magnum Photos agency, first as an editor and later, in 1955, as a full photographer, Inge Morath helped breaking down many prejudices with her talent."
Inge Morath exhibition, Museo Diocesano, Milan 2020

photograph MLM


  1. Schönes Posting! Bestimmt eine schöne Ausstellung. Sie selbst sagte einmal, sie fotografiere das, was sie sehe - „ein Auge aufs Motiv gerichtet, das andere auf die eigene Seele“. I

  2. OMG !!!!!! I wish I could go !!!

  3. ... it runs until November 1st 2020. What am I to do?

    1. I can highly recommend it. Plus: It's in the evenings only and a wonderful aperitivo is included which you take outside in the beautiful courtyard. Next door is an exhibition showing Matisse etc.