Monday, 30 June 2014

Pretty Old.

Amanda Logacre was declared Miss Delaware on 14th June 2014. She was soon later told that she had to give back her crown and $ 11.000,- scholarship because she was too old for Miss America. Amanda Lograce is 24.

Marilyn Monroe look-a-like competition at Hastings, 15th July 1958 (via)

The organisers said that her age violated competition rules since contestants had to be between 17 and 24. As Logacre turns 25 this October, one month after the Miss America competition, she is too old. The Miss Delaware 2014 title was given to Brittany Lewis, Amanda Logacre was dethroned and received best wishes for her future endeavours (via). The state pageant's attorney later said that Amanda Lograce would receive all the scholarship money she had to forfeit (via).

Beauty contestants Baba (16), Conway (18) and Swenson (26) at a chiropractor-judged beauty contest in May 1956 at a time when contestants were judged on beauty, poise, posture and X-rays and people were not really concerned about raditation (via) ...

Logacre compared the way she was stigmatised with beauty queens who lost their titles because they had been involved with criminal behaviour or pornography: "I'm being treated as if I did something morally and ethically wrong. I'm just really heartbroken." (via). That is probably what ageism feels like.

... speaking of radiation: Miss Atomic Bomb Lee A. Merlin wearing a swimsuit with a cotton mushroom cloud. Las Vegas combined the two major attractions nuclear bombs and showgirls (1957) (information via, photo by Don English via)

Copa Girl Linda Lawson as Miss-Cue wearing an A-Bomb crown to illustrate another misfiring of the Operation Cue Bomb surrounded by servicemen, Las Vegas, 1st May 1955 (photo via)

Linda Lawson with an A-Bomb crown (photo via)

"Miss Beautiful Ape" contest run by Gary Owens in June 1972, at the time of the release of "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes". Dominique Green (no. 2) won a role in "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" (1973) (photo by Larry Bessel via)

Miss New Zealand collapses under the hot sun of Long Beach, California, 17th July 1954 (photo by Perry Griffith via)

Adam West with beauty pageant contestants (photo via)


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