Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hundertdreiundvierzig Zentimeter

Hundertdreiundvierzig Zentimeter, one hundred and forty three centimetres, is the BA-thesis of German photographer Sabine Lewandowski (via), one of the Sony World Photography Awards finalists. The photographic series documents her close relationship to her younger sister Marina, 143 cm tall and born with Down syndrome (via).

"The photo series 'One Hundred and Forty Centimetres' raises questions about our relationship with the stigma of 'impairment' and the technical possibilities to determine the value of a life before birth. The series addresses social issues everybody finds difficult to answer: how do we deal with strangeness and unfamiliarity within the frame of what society calls 'normal'."
Sabine Lewandowski 

In her exhibition, Lewandowski combines the photographs of her sister with statements against people with Down syndrome. Quotes are, for instance: "I hate people with trisomy 21. They all look the same and are not able to survive." (via)

Lewandowski about living with her sister Marina: "Marina and her way of seeing things enrich my life. Just like any other person she has good days and bad days. (...) She keeps reminding me of what the real values in life are." (via)

According to a study of four time periods, the average height of adult women with Down syndrome used to be 143 cm and increased in the past years (Lahtinen et al., 2007).

- photographs via
- Lahtinen, U., Rintala, P. & Malin, A. (2007). Physical Perforamce of Individuals With Intellectual Disability: A 30-Year Follow-Up. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 24, 125-143.