Monday, 2 March 2015

"Time flies, they say."

Age UK is supported by more than 75.000 volunteers, comprises around 170 local Age UKs and is the country's largest charity dedicated to the protection of those who have reached later life and those who will. Although it is focusing on the UK, the organisation works in more than 30 countries.
The charity's vision is "a world where everyone can love later life".
"Our vision is ambitious. It won't be easy to get there, and it won't be a quick journey, but we believe it's how things should be for older people and we work every day to achieve this." 

There is no cure for ageing
because ageing isn't an illness, but a way of life.
And some are better at it than others
The secret?
Think yourself younger than you really are:
On a crowded bus or tube, offer your seat to a young man
Design a website, invent an app
Take up Zumba, forget to nap
For no-one can predict what's lying in store
With a future more challenging than ever before.
So enjoy the adventure

Time flies, they say, but it's us that fly
Time sits on its hands, as we rush by.
And life has a way of gathering speed
So seize the day, we're a special breed
In the blink of an eye
The wave of a hand
The beat of a heart
The brush of a tear
You are old.
But valued still.
Welcome to the fold. (via)

Voice: Sir Christopher Lee, creative agency: Karmarama, poem: Roger McGough
- Age UK
Age International


  1. It really is.

  2. I like the philosophy behind this.

    1. Oh yes, a wonderful message ... Somebody once said everybody wants to get old but nobody wants to be old. What a burden this paradox is.

  3. Frans Gunnarsson2 March 2015 at 12:29

    Age is nothing but another stereotype, isn't it?

    1. ... and these ageing stereotype issues are highly related to women's issues, much more than to men.

    2. Beautifully said, Frans. And what a persistent stereotype it is.
      I do agree, Erin. Unfortunately the age-woman intersection means additional negative stereotypes and concepts and more restricting definitions of "young", "age appropriate" etc. for women.