Monday, 23 March 2015

"A Woman's Worth"

"A Woman's Worth" is a campaign developed by Miami Ad School Europe and the non-profit women's right organisation Terre de Femmes.
"It started with that we got an assignment in one of our classes to do a print campaign for a charity organization last year. We instantly decided we wanted to do something for female rights. As women we've been harassed several times, in different ways, based on the way we look. From men, but also from women. We're too harsh on each other and call each other names. And I don't know how many times I've read about rape victims that were wearing a mini skirt. Who cares what she was wearing? She should be able to go naked and it shouldn't matter." Theresa Wlokka (via)

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany
Tutors: Salvatore Russomanno, Niklas Frings-Rupp
Art Director: Theresa Wlokka
Copywriter: Frida Regeheim
Photographer: Theresa Wlokka
Published: June 2014

"[I wanted to] take the idea of impersonal, supposedly objective, measurement of things and put it on something that we do measure, but we don't talk about. (...) We measure women the same way we measure water in cylinders, but no one says it because it's mean." Rosea Lake (via)
In 2013, then 18-year-old student Rosea Lake posted her "Judgments" photograph (see) on Tumblr which was re-blogged 100.000 times witihn 24 hours. The photograph shows the back of her friend's legs with horizontal lines for different skirt lengths, each labelled with associated prejudices (via). In 2010, labelled lines were printed on a pair of tights (see). No matter how similar the projects may seem (via) and who was the first to have the idea, they make one reflect:
"Working on this project really made me examine my own opinions, preconceptions and prejudices about "slutty" women and women who choose to cover all of their skin alike. I used to assume that all women who wore Hijabs were being oppressed ... and looked down on and judge any woman who didn't express her sexuality in a way that I found appropriate. I'd like to think I'm more open now." Rosea Lake (via)

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