Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Maccabi Games 2015

“Where Jewish athletes were excluded from the Olympic Games in 1936, thousands will send a message for tolerance and openness and against antisemitism and racism this summer" (via).

The so-called "Jewish Olympics" took place from 27 July to 5 August in Berlin with more than 2.000 athletes from more than 36 countries competing in 19 sports. It was the first time that the European Maccabi Games were held in Germany. A great many stadiums where the games took place were originally built by Nazis for the Olympic Games in 1936 (via), games from which Jewish athletes had been excluded (via).

"Holding the Maccabi Games in Berlin is a very important sign. We will be able to highlight that Jewish life is part of German society and that Jews have not been chased away."
Leo Friedman

The Maccabiah Games are now held quadrennially; the first time they took place in Israel in 1932. They are open to Jewish athletes and Isreali athletes regardless of religion and organised in four divisions: Juniors, Open, Masters, and Disabled (via). The European Maccabi Games are also held every four years, two years after the Maccabiah.

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