Monday, 17 August 2015

Vincent Price About Prejudice

“In art, religion, and politics the respect must be mutual, no matter how violent the disagreement.”
Vincent Price

Vincent Leonard Price (1911-1993) communicated his socio-political stance when he concluded the episode "Author of Murder" of the series "The Saint" on NBC Radio on 30 July 1950. Price called racial and religious prejudice a form of poison and asked US-Americans to actively fight against it (via).

Ladies and gentlemen,
poison doesn’t always come in bottles. And it isn’t always marked with the skull and crossbones of danger. Poison can take the form of words and phrases and acts: the venom of racial and religious hatred. Here in the United States, perhaps more than ever before, we must learn to recognize the poison of prejudice and to discover the antidote to its dangerous effects.
Evidences of racial and religious hatred in our country place a potent weapon in the hands of our enemies, providing them with the ammunition of criticism. Moreover, group hatred menaces the entire fabric of democratic life. As for the antidote: you can fight prejudice, first by recognizing it for what it is, and second by actively accepting or rejecting people on their individual worth, and by speaking up against prejudice and for understanding. Remember, freedom and prejudice can’t exist side by side. If you choose freedom, fight prejudice. (transcript via)

These words are even more beautiful listening to them (1 minute): LISTEN

photographs of Vincent Price cooking and eating via and via; a 50th anniversary edition of Vincent and Mary Price's "A Treasury of Great Recipes" published in 1965 will be released this September - much to the joy of countless chefs since it is regarded as "one of the most important culinary events of the 20th century" (via)