Thursday, 24 March 2016

Prendi in casa uno studente

"Take a student home" is a project organised by the non-for-profit organisation MeglioMilano in the city of Milan. Retired citizens who can take care of themselves, live alone and would like to temporarily share their flat with a student have the possibility to let a room to a young person who has come to Milan to study. Currently, there are about 400.000 people living in Milan who are over 65 years of age.

This intergenerational project helps both, the young and not-so-young. Students do not have to pay high rents (Milan is the most expensive city in Italy) and only spend about 250 to 280 euros for the shared household (food etc.). Retired persons are not alone and get some support with daily work where needed. Both get to know a person they may get along with very well who is not from the peer group. The organisation knows the participating pensioners and how they live and makes sure to get to know the students well before making arrangements. Once it is settled who will live with whom, MeglioMilano asks for feedback from time to time (via).

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photo Milano, Piazza Meda by Franco Gremignani) via


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    1. It's a marvellous project. They have a similar one with nurses instead of students. Many thanks, Erin!

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    1. It is "THE" photograph, isn't it? I adore it. Thanks a lot, Wim!

  3. Hilariously beautiful photo indeed!

    1. It was taken in Milan around 1973, a wonderful combination of where and when - I tend to have a faible for Milan in the 70s ;-) Many thanks, Karen!