Friday 18 July 2014

Heidi Hetzer makes a journey around the world.

Heidi Hetzer was born in Berlin in 1937. Her father dealt with Opel cars, she became an auto mechanic and later a racing-car driver.

Heidi Hetzer took part in the Rallye Paris with an Opel oldtimer built in 1911, the Panama Alaska Rallye with a 1969 Opel Kadett B, the Rallye Düsseldorf-Shanghai with a 1964 Opel Rekord A Coupe, the Carrera Panamericana, ... and in many more rallyes (via) - all together there were more than 200 rallyes and 150 prizes (Baumann, 2014).

Inspired by Cläronore Stinnes (1901-1990) who travelled around the world by car from 1927 to 1929, this month, on 27 July, 77-year-old Heidi Hetzer will start a journey around the world with her 83-year-old oldtimer Hudson (which she tenderly calls "Hudo"). A 65-years-old gentleman was supposed to accompany her but changed his mind. The "vacant position" was advertised, among the candidates a 24-year-old man who speaks five languages and is currently getting his driver's licence was chosen. His late driver's licence is no problem for Heidi: "I can drive myself."

Heidi Hetzer is planning to travel through 58 countries (including e.g. Russia, Iran, Japan and Australia) in the next two years and never to travel more than 300 km a day since she wants to have enough time to get to know the culture and the people she visits (Baumann, 2014). When her plans were published on the internet, she received comments such as "old bag" with an "old car". At first, she was "completely devastated" but then replied that she wanted to be a model for elder people who she wanted to encourage to be active and leave the couch (via). Her fans will be kept up to date through her weblog (Baumann, 2014) and her family via Skype. Why this journey? "Once in my life I wanted to do something for myself." (via). 95.000 km to go. Bon voyage, Heidi!


- Baumann, B. (2014) Heidi hetzt Hudo. Rondo Mobil (Beilage Der Standard), Juli 2014, Nr. 11, S. 20
- photos via and via and via and via


  1. Ha, great! She's one kind of a girl!

  2. No way! This is Indiana Jane!

  3. Frans Gunnarsson18 July 2014 at 08:20

    Safe travels!

  4. How great, I'd never heard about her before.

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  6. Bang! Diesel in lipstick. Love this lady!! Yeah!

  7. Hahaha :-) Many thanks for your lovely comments and descriptions of this very inspiring lady, Karen, Wim, Derek, Frans, Erin, Abbie, and Macy :-)