Wednesday 30 July 2014

International Day of Friendship

The International Day of Friendship is "based on the recognition of the relevance and importance of friendship as a noble and valuable sentiment in the lives of human beings around the world." 

The Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace adopted in 1999 set 8 areas of action for nations, organizations and individuals to undertake in order for a culture of peace to prevail:
- foster a culture of peace through education;
- promote sustainable economic and social development;
- promote respect for all human rights;
- ensure equality between women and men;
- foster democratic participation;
- advance understanding, tolerance and solidarity;
- support participatory communication and the free flow of information and knowledge;
- promote international peace and security (literally via)

Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks have been friends for more than sixty years. In 1950, a TV show brought them together (via). For some years, they eat together and watch TV together in Carl Reiner's living room every night (via).

photos of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner via and via and via


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    1. Oh yes, what a sweet bond these two friends have. Thanks, Karen, and good morning!

  2. Saw Brooks and Reiner on Seinfeld's internet show, a while back. Great men.

    1. Seinfeld's show is where I got the "friendship information" from :-) Lovely to watch their interaction. Thanks, Derek!

    2. Indeed, that was a lovely episode of 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee'.

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    1. Glad you like them, Wim. Brooks and Reiner do look lovely together, don't they? Thanks for commenting.

  4. Abbie Winterburn30 July 2014 at 12:38

    Sweet couple!

  5. Amazing photograph, I'm referreing to #1. Wow.

    1. I totally agree. The first one is really special ... I would say this one is really worth a thousand words.