Wednesday 9 December 2015

A powerful and powered tape recorder for him, a fine and warm furniture for her

1966, when marketing was "bilingual" and used to speak with two tongues when selling the same product to men and women...

The first "his" 'n hers" tape recorder... new from WOLLENSAK!

his: This 84-inch wide Wollensak is every inch the man's Tape Recorder. Four powerful matched speakers provide true stereo separation of sound. Solid-state components ensure dependability, instant response. Control Central groups all controls within a handspan. AM-FM stereo tuner and tape storage cabinet. More: twin VU meters, calibrated dials, finger-contoured powered push buttons, self-threading reels.

hers: This is a fine furniture - warm and glowing. Fine walnut cabinetry. Speakers faced with textured fabric. Metal surfaces and trim in muted gold tones. Enhances the decor on wall or in bookcase. Matching walnut sliding doors. AM-FM stereo tuner and storage cabinet optional. Model S800 shown, $299.95, Model S300 $279.95.

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image of Wollensak advertisement (1966) via


  1. Another crazy ad from the past. Thanks!

    1. At least it has the excuse to be from the past. This one is from 2009: ... I don't know what is worse, the slogans or the CEO's reply to criticism.

  2. Replies
    1. I'll post another one tomorrow, different product but similar message; and also hilarious ;-)