Sunday 28 January 2018

A School in Malindi

Every year, the Italian Embassy in Nairobi organises a concert by a renowned Italian musician. In 2012, the musician was Mario Biondi, Italy's Barry White. All proceeds went to "an Italian Cooperation education project for the construction of a primary school for the poorest children of the coastal city of Malindi in Kenya" (via and via).

Mario Biondi Sunday music link pack:

::: This Is What You Are: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Deep Space: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Live in concert, 2015: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Amarsi un po': LISTEN/WATCH (Original: Lucio Battisti)
::: What Have You Done to Me: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Shine On: LISTEN/WATCH

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