Sunday, 21 January 2018

Lamb Side Story

Meat & Livestock Australia's adverstising campaign "Lamb Side Story" has the message that no matter how different opinions of the left and the right are, Australians will never lamb alone.

"Under the banner of You Never Lamb Alone we’ve delivered campaigns that celebrate unity and inclusivity, whilst pushing the creative boundaries and this summer is no different. Our latest campaign takes a satirical look at the diversity of modern Australia and celebrates our nation’s ability to put aside our differences, no matter our cultural backgrounds or political leanings, and join together over a delicious lamb BBQ.” 
Lisa Sharp

“Lamb as a brand stands for unity and this latest campaign shines a light on what unites us rather than divides us. In true Aussie spirit we are celebrating our nation’s ability to put aside our differences and join together over our love of lamb, the meat that brings everyone to the table.”
Lisa Sharp

“Lamb Side Story proves that both extremes of global political views can be fun – there’s nothing like lamb and dancing to bring people with various levels of outrage together.”
Scott Nowell

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