Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Maureen O'Hara and Hollywood's Idea of Being a Woman

"There's a terrible truth for many women in the picture business: Aging typically takes its toll and means fewer and less desirable roles.
Maureen O'Hara

Irish film star Maureen O'Hara to-day charged Hollywood producers and directors with calling her "A cold potato without sex appeal" because she refuses to let them make love to her, says the Mirror New York correspondent.
"I am so upset with it that I am ready to quit Hollywood," Maureen says. "It's got so bad I hate to come to work in the morning.
"I'm a helpless victim of a Hollywood whispering campaign. Because I don't let the producer and director kiss me every morning or let them paw me they have spread word around town that I am not a woman - that I am a cold piece of marble statuary. I guess Hollywood won't consider me as anything except a cold hunk of marble until I divorce my husband, give my baby away and get my name and photograph in all the newspapers. If that's Hollywood's idea of being a woman I'm ready to quit."
Snippet from 1945

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