Thursday, 16 August 2018

Don't Be a Sucker! (1943)

X: "I happen to know the facts, my friends. I'm just an average American but I'm an American American and some of the things I see in this country of ours make my blood boil. ... I see negroes holding jobs that belong to me and you. Now I ask you, will you allow this thing to go on?..."
Y: "I've heard this kind of talk before but I never expected to hear it here in America..."

X: "And I tell you friends, we'll never be able to call this country our own until it's a country without. Without what? Without negroes, without alien foreigners, without Catholics, without Freemasons... These are the enemies. These are the people who are trying to take over all our country. Now you know them. You know what they stand for and it's up to you and me to fight them. Fight them and destroy them before they destroy us. Thank you.
Y: "... In this country we have no other people. We are American people. ... I saw it in Berlin ... One by one he attacked each minority and he split them off one from the other. These men were all fellow Germans when they came here today. Now they were split into rival groups suspicious of each other, hating each other. They were being swindled, all of them. But the man who was really being fooled was Hans. He was pure German, according to Nazi standards. To him they promised everything and he fell for it. That's how Hans became a Superman. They gave him a uniform and they pumped up his ego. He wasn't just a little fellow off to work any more, he was a member of the master race... And so for all practical purposes, truth had been abolished in Germany. ... We must never let ourselves be divided by race or colour or religion because in this country we all belong to minority groups. ... You see, here in America it's not a question whether we tolerate minorities. America is minorities. ... Let's forget about we and they. Let's think about us."

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