Monday, 27 August 2018

Narrative images: Civil Disobedience (1963)

"A woman blocking dump trucks, slowing construction through civil disobedience as part of a protracted battle against unfair hiring practices at the Downstate Medical Center. Brooklyn. 1963." (via)

"The 1963 image by Bob Adelman appears to be a typical civil rights photograph. But it is not. The solitary woman’s act of defiance was far from the Deep South: It took place at Brooklyn’s Downstate Medical Center." (via)

“This photograph by Bob Adelman, from Mark Speltz’s book, ‘North of Dixie: Civil Rights Photography beyond the South,’ dispels the notion that racism and segregation were just a Southern problem. Growing up in a low-income housing project in New York, I observed the withering effects of white racism in one of the nation’s most liberal cities.” (via)

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photograph by Bob Adelman (1931-2016) via, copyright by owner(s)


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