Monday, 29 March 2021

Graciela Iturbide: Taking Pictures of People with Dignity

“Whether in my country or in other places, I notice the pain as well as the beauty, but I never shoot poverty. I am interested in taking pictures of people with dignity.
Graciela Iturbide

"For us Mexicans, there is no American dream. This is our fault, because we don't create opportunities here in Mexico. Crossing the border is hard, life is really hard for migrants. So we need to educate ourselves as Mexicans, create jobs in Mexico, for people to stay here. There's so much Mexico has to offer. There is no need to pursue the American dream. We have our own here, too."
Graciela Iturbide

"I am a feminist. And as I am, in my photographs, my way of being is revealed. That does not mean that I deliberately do feminist photography. I do what surprises me."
Graciela Iturbide

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