Monday, 27 February 2017

Cumberbatch and Cumberbitches

About two years ago, Benedict Cumberbatch "sweetly confronted" his female fans over their chosen nickname "Cumberbitches" in Ellen DeGeneres's talkshow.

"It’s like trying to squeeze a confession out of me getting me to actually say that word, because I squirm a little bit about it. 
I definitely didn't [come up with it]. That's part of my problem with it. I just went: 'Ladies, this is wonderful. I'm very flattered, but has this not set feminism back a little bit? Empower yourselves if you're going to get silly about a guy with maybe a little bit more of a sort of, you know, a high-regard, self-regarding name!'"
Benedict Cumberbatch

Photograph: The t-shirt was designed by Elle and Whistles, the phrase "This is what a feminist looks like" was coined by The Fawcett Society (via).

And in case you are having a masochistic moment and wish to torture yourself - here is a link to Breitbart's reaction to this photograph: LINK

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