Friday 11 October 2013

International Day of the Girl Child

"Empowering girls, ensuring their human rights and addressing the discrimination and violence they face are essential to progress for the whole human family. One of the best ways to achieve all of these goals is to provide girls with the education they deserve.
Yet too many girls in too many countries are held back simply because of their gender. Those whose mother was also deprived of an education, who live in a poor community, or who have a disability face an even steeper climb. Among girls who do make it to school, many face discrimination and violence.
I launched the Global Education First Initiative to accelerate progress in getting every child into school, especially girls. We are aiming to teach more than reading and counting; we are striving to raise global citizens who can rise to the complex challenges of the 21st century."

Photo (c) Moazedi



  2. Abbie Winterburn11 October 2013 at 07:48

    So cute, so pretty!

  3. It is good that there is such a day...

    Cute girl, gosh!

  4. How are you, Little Fairy? :-) So sweet!

  5. Dear Karen, Abbie, Tim, Erin, Kenneth and Sam, thank you so much for your sweet comments!