Tuesday 1 October 2013

International Day of Older Persons

The theme of the 2013 commemoration, “The future we want: what older persons are saying” has been chosen to draw attention to the efforts of older persons, civil society organisations, United Nations organisations and Member States to place the issue of ageing on the international development agenda (literally via). The aim of this day is to celebrate the achievements and contributions of older people to society and economy and to challenge negative attitudes and outdated stereotypes (via).

As a teenager, Carmen dell' Orefice (shown here on the four photographs) was on the Vogue cover. She has been working ever since. The US-American model of Italian and Hungarian descent (born in 1931) is now known to be the world's oldest active model. In an interview she points out that life does exist beyond 50 and that the vast population is over 50. Her job means to her earning money and keeping in touch with young people.
Fashion photographer Tim Petersen, who calls Dell’Orefice “my muse” says that he rarely notices her age when he photographs her. “Sometimes you look at the pictures and you're like — it feels almost wrong because she looks 30 in a way, which is weird because in real life you can tell that she is, you know, she is her age and the way she is... She’s the youngest person I ever met.” (via)

Photos of Carmen dell'Orefice via and via and via


  1. What a career she has had ... and continues to have! :-)

  2. This is undoubtedly a stylish contribution to this very day!

  3. She's a puzzle for herself, I guess. She looks stunning.

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