Sunday, 6 September 2015

"The dignity of men is unimpeachable."

Part of the construction of "the other" when discussing migrants or refugees is the differing religion. And while, according to the xenophobic, Islam-bashing rhetoric, the "Christian West" is threatened by non-Christians coming to Europe, this rhetoric completely ignores the very fact that this view is not compatible with so-called Christian values (one Eastern European country even had the "brilliant" idea to only accept Christian refugees from Syria, via). In his sermon, Jens Brandebusemeyer, a German pastor in Lower Saxony, quoted the sentence "The dignity of men is unimpeachable."  He continued that misanthropists who attacked asylum seekers physically or verbally with right-wing slogans could not be Christians, that solidarity with those in need, with refugees, had always been a responsibility of the Church. He concluded by inviting those who disagree with this message to leave the Church (and with "leave" he really meant leave, i.e., abandon/withdraw from the Church). The internet is celebrating this hero (via).

photograph of a man in Harlem by Weegee via