Wednesday, 23 September 2015


UNICEF Chile recently released a new video about "Marciano", a new student at school who is bullied by his classmates because he is alien, because he is different. A lovely clip for children with a happy end. UNICEF's message is:
"No pierdas la oportunidad de aceptar a alguien distinto. No pierdas la oportunidad de que te cambien la vida."
"Dont' miss the opportunity to get to know someone different. Don't miss a life-changing opportunity."


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    1. By the way, some people are convinced UNICEF's "real" message is a different one - that they are aware of alien presence and that this clip is "part of the preparation". After all, the video was released a few weeks after NASA discussed the discovery of an earth-like planet...what a correlation ;-) I came across a couple of interesting comments. Thanks for passing by, Derek!