Monday, 18 June 2018

UFO! The Responsibility Seat (1973)

Ealand: "Jo Fraser is in the reception."
Cmdr. Straker: "Who?"
Ealand: "The reporter from the press agency."
Cmdr. Straker: "Did I make an appointment?"
Ealand: "Yes, Sir. You agreed to the interview last week."
Cmdr. Straker: "All right, thank you Miss Ealand." (...)
Reporter enters.

Cmdr. Straker: "Before we start I must tell you that I'm a very busy man, Mr Fraser."
Fraser: I must apologise, my name is Josephine Fraser. I sometimes find that in a man's world, Jo is more convenient."
Cmdr. Straker: "Hm, well, is it a man's world?"
Fraser: "I think so. I hope you'll forgive me."

The whole episode on YouTube: WATCH

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  1. Smashing, Laura!

  2. Love this series, the style, the music, the font, and most of all the interior design (want!). Many thanks for dropping by, Karen, Macy, and Derek! Here is another one :-)...