Tuesday 19 June 2018

UFO! Survival (1971)

Straker: "(...). Now, whoever commands it has got one of the most responsible jobs in S.H.A.D.O. I'd like you to consider it, Mark."
Bradley: "Are you offering me the job, Sir?"
Straker: "Yes, does that surprise you?"
Bradley: "Not altogether. And does it surprise you if I say no?"
Straker: "It disappoints me."
Bradley: "Well, you've done your duty. You've asked. And I've given you the no you wanted."
Straker: "What do you mean, I've done my duty?"
Bradley: "Sure - after Foster, I'm the senior man. The obvious choice, if you like."

Straker: "So. I offer you the command of Moonbase, and you say no. Why?"
Straker: "I asked you why!"
Bradley: "Because of this." (Points to his skin)
Straker: "Don't give me that. Racial prejudice burned itself out five years ago."
Bradley: "How would you know? All right, on the surface, maybe. But deep down inside of people, it's still there. Maybe it will never show. And maybe it will - like some time I'm ordering a guy out on a mission? A time the chances are he won't be coming back?"
Straker: "Look. I'm not offering you some easy number. And I don't care if you are polka dot with red stripes. You're the best man for the job. Now, do you want it?"
Straker: "Do you want it?"
Bradley: "Yes, Sir. I would like it. But not like this."
Straker: "No one wanted it like this. Now, you get some rest, Commander."

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