Friday 15 June 2018

What do you know about it?

"Was wisst ihr denn eigentlich schon davon?" (German with English subtitles) is an awarded poetry clip on bias and prejudice based on a poetry slam text written by Anke Fuchs. Different people meet in different settings, see others, judge them.

What do you know about it? When you see the fat woman with the embarrassed face biting into her dripping burger and think, "No wonder".
What do you know about it? That she's already twenty pounds lighter than last year and that she couldn't say no to Tim, who's 11, and her favourite nephew? And that at home he only ever gets to eat wholemeal bread? Come on Aunt Lisa, just once a year, please. And it almost sticks in her throat but what can she tell the boy about points and calories? And it's not so easy being the favourite aunt when she can't go climbing with him. And Lisa chews on, revolted, and tries only to see a happy Tim and not you, because she knows that you're thinking "No wonder" and she thinks: "What do you know about it?"
And then she remembers the weighing in her group on Saturday and goes to the restroom to get rid of the burger and it tastes salty because she's swallowing tears. But what do you know about it?...


  1. Thanks for the share!

  2. It is so beautiful in German, I had to post it. Many thanks, Kenneth and Sam!