Tuesday 6 July 2021

Celebrating Eight Years. A Party "Werner Herzog Style".

'I like to party, if by "party" you mean sitting alone in a darkened room contemplating the futility of human existence.' 
Werner Herzog

An "interesting" year has passed. Many people suffered from the symptoms of the virus, many died, many got insane and turned to conspiracy theories ... the pandemic was launched by Asians, by gays, by the Jewish, by non-Christians, by foreigners, lizards are coming ... When beds become scarce, we are willing to sacrfice the old, the disabled as if it were the most natural thing and no discussion follows. Half of the people lost forever were in retirement homes. Surely more could have been done to prevent their deaths but societies couldn't care less. Because age is not part of the diversity discussion. And if people die in other countries, it is because these "others" don't have such an advanced health system as "we" do.

This pandemic surely showed us our approach to diversity, the bias there is, the prejudices, the discrimination. It showed us who has the power to at least turn something into a discussion and who doesn't. Let's celebrate, nevertheless, and hope that in autum we will be smarter. I wish you all the sunshine there is, health, happiness ... and would like to thank you, again, for (still) following this blog. Thank you and stay healthy!

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photograph (c) by MLM


  1. what a pic! congrats!

  2. Abbie Winterburn6 July 2021 at 09:03


  3. Yeah! The photo!

  4. If you keep posting, we'll keep reading. Thank you for your hard work *profound bow*