Wednesday, 28 February 2018

To guard the loveliness he loves

When he comes home, will he find you as lovely as his heart has dreamed you'd be? Day's end or year's end ... will the sweet look, the soft touch of you ... be just as he remembered?
For his sake, guard your loveliness. Choose your beauty soap with care and caution. Know what it is made with!

Consider, for example, that of all leading soaps, Palmolive alone is made with Olive and Palm Oils. Into its making go no animals fats ... only those fine vegetable oils ... treasured as beauty aids since Cleopatra's day.
No wonder millions of women thrill to the way Palmolive helps keep skin smooth, petal-soft and at its radiant best. No wonder Palmolive is the world's largest-selling beauty soap. To guard the loveliness he loves ... turn now to Palmolive's gentle care!
Now more than ever ... keep that schoolgirl complexion

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