Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation

The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation was founded by UNICEF goodwill ambassador Sir Peter Ustinov and his son in 1999. Its focus is to grant children access to education and an optimistic future "irrespective of their cultural, social, religious or financial background". Ustinov was convinced that education is the key to a better future, to a world with less poverty and fewer conflicts. He was also convinced that prejudices are the origin of all conflicts. The foundation actively looks after vulnerable children such as orphans, children with facial disfigurement and young trafficked prostitutes.

Currently, there are eight Peter Ustinov schools in Germany dedicated to living an open-mind culture and fighting prejudices. There is also the Ustinov College in Durham (where students are called Ustinovians) and the Ustinov Institute in Vienna, both support research on prejudices in order to eliminate them (via).

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