Tuesday 29 April 2014

International Dance Day

World Dance Day, every year on 29 April, established in 1982 and promoted by CID, aims at attracting attention to the art of dance. It is celebrated by millions of dancers around the globe. On that day, dance companies, dance schools, organizations and individuals, professionals as well as amateurs, organize an activity addressing an audience different from their usual one (literally via). CID is the Conseil International de la Danse (International Dance Council), recognised by UNESCO and founded in 1973.

Belonging to a particular dance group can form a sense of belonging as an older person. "Culture of dance" can empower older persons, create a community feeling, offer an opportunity to dress up which again is an important aspect of experiencing lived embodiment. Learning to dance when one's age is rather advanced can be a positive health behaviour choice (Paulson, 2009).
Age & Dancing: Paddy and Nico's performance in Britain's Got Talent led to standing ovations and went viral soon afterwards: watch

Dancing People Link Pack:

- Daft Punk "Lose Yourself To Dance" watch
- Moby "Bodyrock" watch (fire version) and watch (official video)
- Kate Bush "Wuthering Heights" watch
- Men Without Hats "Safety Dance" watch
- Jamiroquai "Stillness in Time" watch
- Dancing Twiggy watch

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Paulson, S. M. (2009) An Exploration of How Various "Cultures of Dance" Construct Experiences of Health and Growing Older. London: Dissertation (via)


  1. Christopher!!!! I completely forgot about this very video clip! Thanks!!!

    1. I am glad that my "You-shall-not-forget-Christopher-Walken-dancing-in-a-Fatboy-Slim-video" mission was successful :-)
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  2. Brilliant link pack!

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  3. Abbie Winterburn29 April 2014 at 12:45

    Smashing posting!

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    Oh boy, a flying Walken!

    1. If I remember correctly he is a trained dancer - which probably makes flying easier ... or at least makes it look better :-)
      Many thanks for commenting, Frans.