Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Forever Young. Working in the Advertising Industry.

Ageism affects a great many people in the workforce, including those working in the advertising industry. According to a study carried out in the U.K., people working in advertising, marketing, media, and public relations think (know?) that the industry is ageist. In the ad industry, ageism is significantly worse than the British workplace average. Since 2009, the average age of employees has remained 33.7.

"Almost a third (32%) of respondents have experienced ageism towards themselves, almost three times the British average of 11%, whilst 42% of the ad industry employees polled have witnessed ageism towards others, almost double the British average of 19%.
Ageism also impacts job prospects, the study suggests. A quarter of respondents were turned down for a job for being "too old," and more than half of those (56%) were told they were overqualified."

Diversity is surely discussed and has even become an issue in advertising and media ... Age, however, is not really part of this discussion (via).

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