Thursday 20 September 2018

She who has BALLS shall conquer the world.

There was a time when it took a heavy dose of spunk for a women (sic) to stand up and be counted. Joan of Arc hid her gams in a suit of armor to defend Louis's honor. Amelia Earhart donned a sexless jumpsuit to fly into the wild blue yonder. Madame Curie wore whites and gazed longingly at test tubes.
These days, women have finally come into their own - with pants and permanents, muscles and makeup. But there still are a couple of things we can't lay claim to right?
Not any more, Mary. Now we've got BALLS.

BALLS is the new candy sensation that lets you conquer the world. Just pop a few BALLS into your mouth and you'll be ready for anything - a battle with the boss at the office (he can't give you the shaft!); a tough game of tennis with Bob (the score'll be forty/love). ...
And now, wear BALLS on your chest, this attractive, 100 percent cotton yummy yellow T-shirt is available with three tempting teasers:
"You need BALLS to conquer the world."
"She who has BALLS shall conquer the world."
"BALLS candy gives you courage."

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