Monday, 27 January 2020


"Raised by a Jewish father who identifies as atheist, Borden was interested in how the horrific events of the Holocaust had influenced his father’s faith. As he explained to Feature Shoot, 'I think it was my dad’s ambivalence towards his heritage ― and his disturbing revelation that it had once been deemed punishable by death ― that really motivated me to create this body of work.'"

"The series features portraits from individuals of various ages, genders and nationalities, based in Australia, Israel, the U.K. and U.S. Each portrait is shot with minimal staging and equipment in the subjects’ homes. 'It would have been easier to set up a studio and photograph lots of people at the same time,' Borden said, 'but I wanted the pictures to be an authentic record of our meeting on that day.'" (literally via)

photographs by Harry Borden via and via and via