Sunday, 4 December 2022

Almost Something. By Hanna Moon.

Korea-born, London-based photographer Hanna Moon recently published the book "Almost Something", curated from "an archive of thousands of photos" she had shot over the past decade (via).

While [her work] is essential in its uncontrived Korean-ness, it does not overly identify with being Korean, or with any of the wretched and limiting ‘buzzwords’ that are used to describe it. It recognises identity as perpetually under construction, that both people and things are constantly becoming.
Moffy Gathorne Hardy

“Living [in London] and going back to Korea, I saw all these things you don’t notice at first. I documented them because I found them hilarious, or because I was out with friends and having fun. I didn’t think that much.” 
Hanna Moon

photographs via