Friday, 16 December 2022

Maria Bartuszová, Sculptures, and Blind Children

Maria Bartuszová (1936-1996), born in then Czechoslovakia, was a sculptor with only few opportunities to exhibit during her lifetime but nevertheless developing her own practice in "relative seclusion" and leaving a legacy of around 500 sculptures.

"In 1976 and 1983, together with Gabriel Kladek, Maria Bartuszová organized workshops for blind and visually impaired children. Sculptures that were created allowed the blind to become familiar with the meaning of various forms and textures, sense the tensions between geometric and organic forms, recognize the emotional substance of these artefacts and develop their imagination. This sort of violation of selflessness of art, “different” use and the emphasis on the haptic characteristics of sculpture is an expression of Maria Bartuszová’s immensely avant-garde approach to her artistic tasks." (via)

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