Thursday, 25 June 2015

"In the modern world all dreams are equal."

"When I kiss the bride it's gonna be both exciting and disgusting."
"And if my husband doesn't like the cake he will buy his own cake."
"My wedding is gonna be so awesome because I'm gonna have a volcano ..."
"Everybody should be allowed to get married because if you love them, and they love you back, and you want to get married with them I think you should get married with them."

Esurance Insurance Services, Inc. is a US-American auto insurance provider. Their slogan is "Insurance for the Modern World" (via) which means to "get an insurance quote for you, not someone sorta like you" (via) and this personalisation again means including same-sex couples. In 2011, Esurance was one of the first car insurance companies to extend married rates to domestic partners, those in civil unions and married gay couples even in states that did not allow same-sex marriages. The clip "Equal Dreams" was filmed at a real wedding in Chicago this June (via).

"Sometimes children can make complex issues so simple. They remind us what it's like to have dreams. Their words, as heard in the video, help us understand why equality is important. Because all children deserve the same right to pursue their dreams."
Brian Shembeda, Creative Director at Leo Burnett Chicago


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    1. These are amazing children; many thanks, Karen!

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    1. A lovely clip, indeed. And a wonderful idea to show children's perspectives. Thank you, Kenneth!