Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Sesame Street and Education for Refugee Children

Sesame Workshop (Sesame Street's educational nonprofit) and the International Rescue Committee (a global humanitarian aid organisation) have a new partnership aiming to develop and distribute educational resources and programmes that are designed with refugee children in mind. Using mobile devices, radio, TV and printed materials, educational content can reach the children who live in displaced or resettled communities

"The partnership is aimed at the children who make up half of the record 60 million people currently displaced around the world, specifically the one-third of that population under the age of eight. In addition to a lack of education, these children also often deal with toxic stress and trauma." (via)

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  1. This show is so inclusive, so great. Only recently did they introduce an Afghan Muppet girl as one means to empower girls. Good morning and thanks Karen and Derek!