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Are you making plans for your wife's death? (1983)

After hours of office work, could you face hours of housework?
Could you be an executive by day and a chambermaid by night?
Could you afford £2.000 a year for a family cook?
Who'll play nursemaid if the kids fall ill?

Come on now, own up. The thought hasn't so much as crossed your mind, has it?
All along, you've blithely assumed that you'll be the first to go.
That your wife will be the one  who will need the financial looking-after.
That yours is the life that should be insured, not hers.
Noble and worthy sentiments indeed. But, if we may say so, short sighted ones, too.
There's no guaranteeing that your wife will outlive you.
(According to statistics, little more than a 60% chance in fact).
So have you ever thought what would happen to you if the unthinkable happened to her?
Not in the dim distant future.
But tomorrow, Friday, 24th June 1983? Could you cope?
On the purely practical front, think of the cooking, the washing, the hours of housework that you'd have to put in. More importantly, there's the children to consider.
Could you ever devote the sort of time to them they need and deserve?
The nightly bedtime stories? Helping them out with their maths homework? Teaching them what's what in the big wide world?
Heaven knows, you'd need help. Lots of it.
And like everything else nowadays, that sort of help doesn't come cheap.
According to a recent survey, the average mother of three ploughs through eighty hours of housework a week.
Eighty hours, mind.
At £2.50 an hour, that comes to a staggering £10,400 a year. Where on earth are you going to get hold of that sort of money?
Well, you could start at the bottom right hand corner of this page.
For as little as £15.00 a month, Albany Life can provide cover worth over £50,000 tax free:
If you prefer, we can even draw up a combined 'Husband and Wife' policy that pays out in the event of either of you dying.
If you'd like to discuss things further with us, post off the coupon straight away.
Planning for a wife's death may be no pleasant matter for a husband.
But for a father, it's a very necessary duty.

Albany Life Assurance Company Limited, incorporated on 25 March 1974, was a UK subsidiary of MetLife and sold to rival Canada Life in the 1990s (via and via).

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