Monday, 7 November 2016

Jeans & Ageism

"Why can’t we get used to the idea that someone can be an “old woman” and also a person who is interested in style?"
Senior Planet

According to a survey of 2.000 people carried out in Britain, the average age when men and women should stop wearing jeans is 53.

"It's surprising to see our research reveals that many people think jeans are the reserve of the younger generation, suggesting that we should all put denim back on the shelf at the age of 53."
Catherine Woolfe, Marketing Director at CollectPlus

"Denim is such a universal material and with so many different styles available it's a timeless look that people of all ages can pull off."
Catherine Woolfe, Marketing Director at CollectPlus

"What rubbish. I am 75 and will continue to wear jeans as long as I can get them on. I look great in them as do all my friends, skinny or ample. The whole point of jeans is that they fade, and adapt themselves to your shape."
Sarah Carter

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