Friday, 10 June 2022

Ageing, Getting Fatter, More Wrinkles and the Happiness and Freedom that Come with It

“Ageing brings a lot of happiness. You get fatter and more wrinkles, and that’s not so good, but there is a freedom that comes with it...


...The freedom is: I better do what I want to do now, because I’ll be dead soon. So this is my last chance. Also, there’s a serenity that comes – I had the career I had, good or bad, I did the best I could, and now I continue pursuing what is interesting to me.”
Isabella Rossellini

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  1. Nice! Love these shots!

    1. Getting fatter and wrinkles are surely not my first associations with ageing but I neverhteless like what she says, And I totally agree with you: beautiful shots. Thanks, Wim!