Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Quoting Steve McQueen

“What I do as an artist is, I think, to do with my own life experience. I came of age in a school which was a microcosm of the world around me. One day, you’re together as a group, the next, you are split up by people who think certain people are better than you. It was kind of interesting to observe that.”
Was there a stigma attached to that separation? 
“Oh for f*cking sure. And it was informed by class and race and privilege. Absolutely. No ifs or buts or maybe about it.”
Steve McQueen

As a working-class boy growing up in 1980s suburbia, "there were no examples of artists who were like me. When did you ever see a black man doing what I wanted to do?" (Steve McQueen/The Guardian)

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    1. I've just seen his "Sunshine State" exhibition in Milan, very moving.

  2. He's a great inspiration.