Thursday, 2 June 2022

The Beauty of Being Deaf. An Underwater Celebration of Hearing Loss.

In "The Beauty of Being Deaf", sign language is not a mere means of communication but turns into physical poetry. You can watch the three-minute short film on YouTube: link.

This expertise, this deaf gain that we are all granted come together to form community, culture, establishing a continuum of people who are different… yet connected. And how beautiful is it to be able to communicate underwater.

"I have manifested this film since childhood, but its actualization could not exist in scarcity. Luckily, it has grown along with me, perspective and resources expanding. Shooting this piece required both the cast and production’s full hearts as we waded into our vulnerabilities. This ease was translated into the final film; we carried that rawness with us. And, when we stepped in front of the camera, it was just our hearts, you know? I am forever grateful and proud of the healing and connections that were created this day."
Chella Man

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